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Discipline Advisory Board

The Engineering Discipline is dedicated to nurturing professional engineers for Hong Kong and facilitating long-term development of the city.  To ensure the relevance and quality of the programmes offered in meeting the ever-changing needs of the economy, the Discipline has sought inputs from the engineering industry through the Engineering Discipline Advisory Board to recommend the strategic development of the Discipline for programmes and services at diploma and higher diploma level.  The Discipline Advisory Board is part of the comprehensive academic management structure formed by Vocational Training Council and it meets regularly for the purposes of: 

  • recommending the course planning, curriculum development and quality assurance of the programmes at diploma and higher diploma level offered;
  • deriving the strategy for networking and partnership with stakeholders for the development and promotion of vocational and professional education and training, including employers, employers' associations, trade unions, professional institutions, training and educational institutions and government departments; 
  • reviewing the skill assessments, trade tests and certification for in-service workers, apprentices and trainees for ascertaining the attainment of specified skill standards, where appropriate;  and
  • suggesting the publicity matters relating to the activities of vocational and professional education and training programmes of the Discipline.
Composition 2017-2019
Ir Dr Hon Lo Wai Kwok
Legislative Council Member
Vice Chairman
Ir Dr Eric Liu
Deputy Executive Director
Vocational Training Council
External Members
Name Title
Ir Gilbert Tsang Executive Director, Gammon Construction Limited
Mr Christopher Tse Chief Executive Officer, Musical Electronics Limited
Ir Chan Chi Chiu Past President, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Mrs Vivian Cheung Deputy Director, Airport Operations, Airport Authority
Ir Victor Cheung Past President, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers
Ir Gary Ko Chief Operating Officer, Kum Shing Group
Ir Raymond Synn Director & General Manager, Krueger Engineering (Asia) Ltd.
Ir Paul Poon Vice Chancellor, CLP Power Academy
Ir Dr Tony Lee Chief of Operations Engineering, MTR Corporation Ltd.
Sr Thomas Ho President, Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors
Dr KC Cheung Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Hong Kong


VTC Members
Name Title
Dr Daniel Yan Academic Director (Engineering), VTC
Ir Lo Wing Hong Head, Department of Construction, IVE (Morrison Hill)
Dr Quentin Wan Senior Project Officer (Strategic Development), Engineering Discipline Planning Office, VTC
Mr Lo Tak Cheung Senior Lecturer, Department of Construction, IVE (Morrison Hill)


Name Title
Ir Dr Simon Shum Project Manager, Engineering Discipline Planning Office, VTC
Ms Crystal Shiu (Asst. Secretary) Senior Officer, Engineering Discipline Planning Office, VTC
Members of ENGDAB paid a visit to the International Culinary Institute and Chinese Culinary Institute before the 21st Meeting held on 16 July 2019.
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