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Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship 2013
Aug 2013

The Alistair Harvey Foundation Scholarship (AHFS) was founded in 2004 to provide financial support to IVE Higher Diploma graduates who wish to pursue degree studies in the United Kingdom. Final-year students of applied science, engineering and information technology, who have excellent academic achievements and demonstrate strong leadership potentials, are eligible to apply. In 2013, eight students were awarded full scholarship, which covers tuition, accommodation fees, living expenses, and four round-trip tickets for two years of study in the United Kingdom. A full scholarship is valued at about GBP 40,000. Below is the name list of four IVE engineering students who were awarded the Scholarship, and they will begin their studies in September:

Name Programme Degree Study
Ho Ting-yan Higher Diploma in Surveying (Quantity Surveying Stream) BSc in Quantity Surveying at the University of Reading
Lo Cheuk-hong Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering MEng Civil Engineering at the University of Sheffield
Mak Wing-lam Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering BEng Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield
Wong Kai-ho Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering BEng in Electrical Engineering at the University of Sheffield
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