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A showcase of architectural talents – Student Project Exhibition 2015
Aug 2015

The excellence of IVE architecture students was showcased at the seventh Student Project Exhibition 2015 which was held at the Pao Galleries of Hong Kong Arts Centre from 4 to 8 August. Over 40 student projects, including boutique hotel, business centre, multi-purpose complex, and youth design centre, were exhibited to the public. The exhibits demonstrated the talent of students in applying creativity and necessary technology for sustainable design.

It was a great privilege to have Vincent Ng JP, President of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects (HKIA), Dominic Lam, Former Chairman of HKIA, and Kyran Sze, Chairman of KYSS Properties, as the guests of Honour. Mr. Ng also delivered an insightful speech on a special joint-venture architectural project in Hong Kong.

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