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International STEM Students’ Forum 2017 and Exchange Programme
Jun 2017

Following last year’s success, the International STEM Student’s Forum 2017 was staged at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 16 & 17 June. Aiming to bring the brilliant young minds together at a global level, the forum invited STEM students from VTC and different countries, including Australia, Finland, Japan, Netherlands, Scotland, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, to share with audience the learning outcomes of their STEM projects.

Featuring VTC and Overseas Partner Institutions Joint Project presentation, Outstanding STEM Student Project Showcase and Presentation, STEM Students’ Chat with Executives and the STEM Student’s forum, the two-day programme have attracted more than 600 participants from different countries to join. Apart from the programme took place on stage, participants did enjoyed a more liberal and causal interaction with STEM students in the Outstanding STEM Student Project Showcase area. Filled with lots of inspirations, the forum performed a good platform for participants to exchange ideas and share technology. What behind the scene was the friendship fostered between the STEM students that made this forum even more memorable to them. 


Event Highlight Video

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