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IVE Engineering Students Shined in Innovation X Application Scheme
Sep 2017

IVE Engineering Students have won honours at the Innovation X Application Scheme, which is supported by the Hong Kong Industrialists Council Foundation to recognise students’ innovative projects and provide financial assistance to support entrepreneurships and potential commericalisation. Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering student Tsang Yiu Wing impressed the judges with his invention to measure and adjust wire rope in a semi-automated rubber-tyred gantry crane. The method could help reduce the time required for land accuracy adjustment by around 60%, which led to Mr Tsang being awarded the Gold Prize. His fellow inventors, Siu Man Chong, Yeung Chor Kiu and Wong Shun Ting, won a Silver Prize Award with their brick cutting machine while the Smart Elderly Care Robot innovators Cheung Chi Leung, Wong Chun Ho and Yu Yiu Tong were also honoured with Silver Prize awards as part of this scheme.

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