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Home > Engineering Discipline Life > IVE Engineering Solar Car SOPHIE 6s Launch & Oath-taking Ceremony
IVE Engineering Solar Car SOPHIE 6s Launch & Oath-taking Ceremony
Jul 2019

The Development of IVE Engineering Solar Car SOPHIE


IVE Engineering Solar Car SOPHIE 6s Specification


Following the success of 2017, IVE Engineering Solar Car Team will attempt to challenge the cruiser class of the World Solar Challenge (WSC) 2019 in Australia from 13 to 19 October 2019 with their enhanced version of self-developed solar car "SOPHIE 6s" to compete for the championship with top-notch engineering students from the globe, including students from Stanford University, Tokai University, University of Michigan, and University of Cambridge, etc.  IVE Engineering Solar Car SOPHIE 6S Launch & Oath-taking Ceremony was held on 6 July 2019 at the Olympian City 2. Officiated by Mr Frank Chan Fan, JP, Secretary for Transport and Housing,   the ceremony provided much incentive to the team members to strive for better result in the coming international competition. In addition, the event also packaged with an exhibition featuring the mini solar car workshop, autonomous car exhibition, STEM robot demonstration and SOPHIE 6s showcase in the mall in order to promote the engineering fun to the public and arouse the interest of young people in STEM related subjects and study.


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