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VR/AR Learning Project Office
Virtual Reality-based simulation Training Project Office is established to develop a compilation of applications making use of virtual reality and augmented reality (VR/AR) technologies to assist learning and teaching. VR/AR technologies allow students to virtually enter any restricted areas, perform different tasks and react to safety-critical and rare events.
  • CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE)
    Immersive virtual environment created in a room-sized cube with motion tracking systems. This allow facilitators to communicate and collaborate with student for group learning and teaching.
  • Head Mounted Display (HMD)
    Headsets and handsets with multiple sensors to track positions and movements of the wearer. Trainees can practice different maintenance works without the constraints of time, weather or availabilities of venue.
  • Augmented Reality (AR) Apps
    By overlaying 3D Objects, animations and information on real world objects, this allow student to understand the complex working principles of different systems.
  • Architectural
    Building Services Engineering - Plant Room Maintenance
    Allow trainee to conduct safety inspection, machine inspection and emergency repairs at a plant room of a hospital.
  • Architectural
    Building Services Engineering - Lift Maintenance
    Machine room inspection, follow typical procedure to ingress or egress the lift shaft to ensure the safety for maintenance work.
  • Architectural
    Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
    Identify defects and damages on an aircraft, perform maintenance works such as wheel change or aircraft towing at aircraft hangar and airport ramp area, while identifying potential safety hazards.
  • Architectural
    Automobile Engineering
    Safety precaution to prepare an electric vehicle for maintenance.
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