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Situated at Seven IVE campuses and MSTI, IVE Engineering Discipline provides state-of-the art facilities to support specific training needs helping to enhance students' learning experience. We emphasis practical training to equip students with solid hands-on experience. Thanks to industry support, some of the laboratories are established with industry involvement or sponsorship.
Facilities under Four Programme Areas
Integrated HV and LV Training Workshop
The Integrated HV and LV Training Workshop provides a blend of learning opportunities to the HD students and other adult-learners in a live low-voltage and high-voltage working environment for practising the work of inspection, operations, maintenance, fault-finding, testing and commissioning on the low-voltage and high-voltage switchboards and associated auxiliary supervisory and control equipment in compliance with the prevailing industrial safety standards, code of practice, and government regulations. The training facilities include three sets of 11 kV switchboards, an 11 kV/380 V dry-type transformer, two sets of low-voltage switchboards, an 110 V DC battery charger panel, a remote control panel, a protective relay training panel, two RTU panels with SCADA training facilities, and some LV distribution boards.
Keystone Cable Detection Training Centre

Featuring with underground electricity cables in a viewable setting, the Centre provides practical training of some basic techniques to engineering students in detecting underground electricity cables/gas pipes with field instrument.

The Centre could also support the EMSD-accredited training short course for field workers as well as other tailor-made training course for industry.

Energy, Electrical Installation and
Machines Laboratories

The Laboratory includes 3 work stations equipping with AC and DC power machines and power distribution panel.
Equipped with 3 set of remote controlled MCB panels, metering interface modules and a wind-solar hybrid system, the laboratory is dedicated to provide training programmes in electrical installation, power machines and drive.

Communications Engineering Laboratory

The laboratory is equipped with a set of 4G LTE equipment sets including signal generators and network analysers which can display multiple LTE signals and run a 2x2 MIMO operation in order to provide students with hands-on practice of the operations of mobile communications system.

The laboratory is also equipped with RF Circuit Design Courseware together with spectrum analysers and signal generators with lower frequency ranges for RF circuit design.

Mobile Technology Laboratory

This laboratory is established to set-up infrastructure to provide support to the new forms of services and extensive applications of mobile phones. In particular, it is equipped with latest tools and mobile devices for conducting experiment, practical work and projects. Major equipment or software of the laboratory includes:

• Apple iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro
• Smart phone/Tablet
• Apple Xcode
• Android Studio

Internet Applications Laboratory

This laboratory aims to support network-based experiments, practical training sessions and student projects, with emphasis on applications related to the Internet and wide-area networks. High-speed networking and monitoring equipment provides students with connectivity and analysis tools to explore modern networking technologies, while LAN/WAN interconnectivity equipment further integrates various types of networks to broaden the coverage at a global level.

The laboratory is also equipped with a series of Cisco networking equipment to support training on this popular network technology. Major equipment or software of the laboratory includes:
•LAN / WAN protocol analyzer
•WAN Emulator
•Voice Over Internet Protocol Analyzer
•Atmel @Web TCP/IP Evaluation Kit / @Web LAN51H Development Kit
•Cisco Packet Tracer network simulator
•Wireshark network protocol analyzer

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