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Earn & Learn Scheme and Workplace Learning & Assessment
IVE Engineering works closely with industry partners to provide a diverse and professional engineering education with Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA). Students studying the HD programmes below can opt to join the Earn & Learn HD 1+2 Scheme after the completion of Year 1 Full-time study. Trainees of the Scheme can hone their knowledge and professional skills through structured workplace assessment activities in authentic workplace which combined on-the-job training and classroom learning at the same time. A steady income and a recognised qualification are guaranteed.
Programmes with Earn & Learn HD 1+2 Scheme Launched
  • Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Higher Diploma in Surveying
  • Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Higher Diploma in Computer and Electronic Engineering
  • Higher Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Higher Diploma in Building Services Engineering
  • Higher Diploma in Automotive Engineering
Study and Training Path of Earn & Learn HD 1+2 Scheme
(2-year apprenticeship illustrated)
Employers and trainees are welcome to join Earn & Learn HD 1+2 Scheme before March of the current school year while trainee recruitment period starts in April.
Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA)
Workplace Learning and Assessment is a structured pedagogical practice enabling learning and assessment at workplace to be part of the curriculum requirement. It is a competency-based approach to develop abilities of trainees for the workplace. With structured WLA in place, employers can provide constructive feedback to maximise the learning and training outcomes.
Workflow of Workplace Learning and Assessment (WLA)
Pilot Incentive Scheme to Employers (PISE)
Pilot Incentive Scheme to Employers (PISE) is launched under the Earn & Learn Scheme supported by the Government. With a subsidy of up to $36,000 per trainee, the PISE encourages employers to participate in workplace assessment for trainees. The assessment is developed by making reference to industry and international standards, allowing employers to better understand trainees’ work performance and adjust the content of training courses more effectively.


Benefits of WLA Implementation to Employers and Trainees
Support from WLA project team to employers and students
Application Method of Earn & Learn HD 1+2 Scheme
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