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Industrial Attachment & Industry-Based Student Project Scheme
Grow a Sustainable Pool of Your Tomorrow's Employees

Industrial Attachment & Industry-Based Student Project (IA-IBSP) Scheme is a "work-based experience scheme" providing a real-life organizational context for students to develop specific or generic skills, valuable to their professional development. 

Students can apply and enhance their skills in reality, contribute to the organization, and, at the same time, obtain invaluable guidance from their industry supervisors.

Scheme Structure

IA-IBSP scheme can be taken place during the final semester (Jan – April). Work related to a project in the field of engineering, as well as specific tasks such as research, production, administration, or day-to-day operation are excellent opportunities. 

Benefits to Partners
  • Obtain fresh ideas from young recruits
  • Identify talents for potential employees
  • Meet short and/or long term manpower need
  • Groom younger generation for industry
  • Promote positive corporate social image

IVE Engineering Students - Think and Do Approach

Full-time Higher Diploma students in IVE Engineering are creative with detail-minded, and passionate with strong motivation. They are equipped with excellent working attitude, general soft skill as well as professional knowledge in Engineering. Students studying the following curriculum are eligible to engage in IA-IBSP scheme:

Civil Engineering Basic Information Curriculum
Building Studies Basic Information Curriculum
Surveying Basic Information Curriculum
Architectural Studies Basic Information Curriculum
Environmental Engineering Basic Information Curriculum
Architectural Technology and Design  Basic Information Curriculum
Electrical Engineering Basic Information Curriculum
Computer and Electronic Engineering Basic Information Curriculum
Mechanical Engineering Basic Information Curriculum
Building Services Engineering Basic Information Curriculum
Artificial Intellignece and Robotics Basic Information Curriculum
Automotive Engineering Basic Information Curriculum
Aviation Basic Information Curriculum
Start Your IA/IBSP Scheme
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4. Contacts

Contact Person Ir Eddie CHAN
Fax 2835-4867
Contact Person Dr LAM Tze Shan
Fax 2708-6444 / 2601-2200
Contact Person Ir Kenny WONG
Fax 2436-8643



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