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The IVE Engineering newsletter is published since 2010. It reports significant achievements of the IVE Engineering students and graduates, our collaboration with overseas academic institutions, as well as in-depth interviews with senior industry executives about their perspectives on current and future development of engineers in local and global context.

Latest Issue - Issue 29 | 2021
CLP Power Engineering Laboratory Marks a Milestone in Collaboration between VTC and Industry to Nurture Power Engineering Talent

Covering Story:

  • VTC and CLP Join Hands to Cultivate New Generation of Power Engineering Talent with Inception of CLP Power Engineering Laboratory

ENG Spotlights:

  • Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation and Technology Centre Unveiled for the Cultivation of IoT Talent

ENG Achievements:

  • VAR Project Team of the Engineering Discipline Receives Honour at the 2020 Hong Kong ICT Awards
  • IVE Engineering Students Win 2nd Runner-Up in Robocon 2020 Hong Kong Contest
  • Electrical Engineering Students Shines in "Design the Future" Automotive Design Competition
  • Innovating for the Future with "Smart Emergency Corridor Monitoring System"
  • IVE Engineering Students Demonstrate Their Innovation with Their "AI-Based Smart Crossroad System"
  • 'i+Home' - a Shining Example of Multidisciplinary Learning

Youth & Public Engagement:

  • Virtual InnoCarnival 2020
  • Dream Home Design Competition
  • Inspiring Future Engineers with Taster Programmes

ENG Partnetship

  • MoU with Industry Partners: MOU Signing with Foundation of Hong Kong Indsutries (FHKI) and Sinopharm Tech Holdings Limited (Sinopharm)
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signing with CLP, HKT, Siemrns on Nurturing IoT Talents
  • Electrical (Power) Engineering Forum: Innovation and Technology in Energy and Power Engineering for Smarter and Greener Living
  • Memorandum of Understaning (MoU) Signing with CLP and University of Strathclyde, UK on Nurturing Smart Power Engineering Talents


  • Deputy Consul-General of Federal Republic of Germany Visits IVE Engineering
  • Common Modules Collaboratino between IVE Engineering and Sichuan Institutions COmmences
  • International Exchange Activities
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