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Smart Grid Webinar Series 2022
2022 年 7 月

Smart Grid Webinar Series 2022 is organised by Smart Grid Operation Centre (SGOC), IVE Engineering, with the following details:

Smart Grid is one of the key elements for sustainability development and net-zero electricity generation to move towards carbon neutrality. The Webinar series as a versatile platform, invited the local and international smart grid engineers and experts, to share the breakthrough, experiences, and insights on Smart Grid development through academia-industry collaborations forward smart energy initiatives.


Date and Time:
Session 1: 22 March 2022 HKT 4pm / GMT 8am
1. Micro Grid/Smart Grid/Connected Grid
2. Introduction to Grid-forming inverter
The Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Medium: English / Cantonese

Session 2: 8 April 2022 HKT 4pm / GMT 8am
Smart Metering Journey for CLP
The CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
Medium: English / Cantonese

Session 3: 24 May 2022 HKT 5pm / GMT 9am
1. Addressing the growing complexity of power and energy system through inter connection of geographically distributed research laboratories
2. Protection and control challenges and potential solutions on future power network operation
University of Strathclyde
Medium: English

Session 4: 21 June 2022 HKT 4pm / GMT 8am
1. Introduction to Real-Time Digital Simulation
2. Real-Time Simulation for Protections in Modern Power Systems
RTDS Technologies Inc.
Medium: English / Putonghua

Session 5: 25 July 2022 HKT 4pm / GMT 8am
1. System based testing for daily maintenance – the ultimate solution to handle the fasting changing Smart Grid
2. Building the Platform for Future-Proven Smart Grid – the IoT and Big Data development in Power Utilities
OMICRON electronics
Medium: English / Cantonese

Hybrid mode: Online and Live (will be available in sessions from May to July)


Application link: CLICK HERE


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