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Exploring Engineering Summer Camp 2016
Aug 2016

Exploring Engineering Summer Camp 2016 was successfully held in July and August for around 80 secondary students (S3 – S5) from 21 schools. During the 3 day-2 night camp, participants were exposed to an array of engineering knowledges including civil, mechanical, electrical, and electronics engineering. At the end of the camp, each participating group was required to control their self-fabricated solar mini electric car crossing their self-designed bridge in a race competition, applying all the knowledges they have been taught during the camp. A funny workshop at Maritime Services Training Institute (MSTI) and an visit to Hongkong International Terminals (HIT) were also organized, giving participants a better understanding about maritime technology as well as industry real working environment. Apart from these workshops, team building games and BBQ camp fire party were arranged to further develop their communication skills and team spirits. IVE graduates were invited to share their study progression or career development in engineering profession. Both IVE group leaders and participants enjoyed a fascinating summer time together.

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