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"Your" Smart Grid Microfilm Design Competition 2022
Aug 2022

Smart Grid is one of the key elements for sustainability development and net-zero electricity generation to move towards carbon neutrality. The rapid development of Smart Grid includes Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), Smart Mobility, and Energy Management, etc. What elements are essential to your own Smart Grid? Show us more!

IVE Engineering delivers the secondary school microfilm design competition this year to encourage young engineering talents to make microfilm with their own stories about smart grid, to promote green technology to society.

Meanwhile, to celebrate the VTC 40th Anniversary, the Smart Grid Operation Centre (SGOC) Campaign, will organize a series of exciting smart grid events to engage engineering industries, engineers, and young engineering talents, including Smart Grid Webinar series 2022, E"touch"-EE fun fact series, SGOC visit, and social media interaction. 

31 August 2022 - Application deadline
30 September 2022 - Submission deadline
November 2022 - Prize Giving Ceremony

Application link: CLICK HERE (only provide Chinese version)


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