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Graduate Sharing - Wong Yi Wai

- Graduate, Higher Diploma of Electronic and Communications Engineering
- Technician Trainee, EMSD

Looking back to that day when my HKDSE results failed to meet my expectations, I searched everywhere for a study place.  Luckily, my school teacher and my schoolmate introduced IVE to me and to study Electronic and Communications Engineering.  I did not expect in these few years that I have not only acquired the professional knowledge but also an eye-opening for me. Now I have the opportunity to develop a career in electronic engineering at EMSD.

In fact, life at IVE was neither easy nor hard.  To get good results was not difficult and the only thing is to study well. During my study, the curriculum has plenty of practical work in order to enhance my practical skills and enabled me to know more about the career opportunity of the industry.  Besides, IVE teachers and the Institute provided many opportunities to enhance my inter-personal skills such as the Students Union, the Engineering Society and the HKIE Student Chapter.  Through various recreational activities and academic exchanges, I have expanded my social network. I was also fortunate to be awarded the HKIE Prize for Outstanding Engineering Students 2014/2015.  I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the IVE teachers who have taught me.

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