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Graduate Sharing - Issac Tse
Feb 2020

- Higher Diploma in Aviation, IVE

- Currently studying Bachelor of Aviation (Flight), University of South Australia



Unlike other Universities and institutes, IVE Engineering not only teaches theories, but also provides opportunities for me to experience in the industry. The programme provides industrial attachment which allows me to participate in the daily airport operations, as well as to gain experience and industrial knowhow. I became more responsible along the way and identified my developing path. In short, I am really thankful to be granted such an opportunity and to master related skills. 

In addition, IVE Engineering offers scholarships for overseas articulations. I was awarded the Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships – Vocational Education Scholarship For Degree Study Overseas which propelled me pursuing my flying dream!

All in all, IVE Engineering continuously nurtured myself and I believe what I have learnt and experienced here are advantageous for my career development. Finally, I truly think that studying IVE Engineering is the best choice!

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