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Graduate Sharing - Micky Kwok
Sep 2022
  • IVE Diploma of Foundation Studies (Engineering)
  • IVE Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering), the University of Hong Kong
  • Currently working as Graduate Trainee, CLP Holdings Limited


Studying engineering at IVE is very important to me, it inspires me to be positive and build my profession.


The Diploma of Foundation Studies equipped me with electrical engineering knowledge, and it also strengthened my language foundation and improved my English level significantly. In addition, the course emphasizes whole-person development. During this period, I actively participated in various types of extracurricular activities, such as participating in VCare as a volunteer. The fruitful campus life not only ignited my enthusiasm for learning, but also encouraged me to be a better person. 


IVE engineering program is widely recognized by local universities, after my graduation in Higher Diploma, I could further pursue my undergraduate study at The University of Hong Kong with a senior entry directly. Furthermore, IVE Engineering provided good atmosphere and environment for students to strive their studies with practical examples during lectures. All of these helped me to complete my bachelor’s degree and to facilitate my current job in power company.


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