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Graduate Sharing - Kitty Chan
Oct 2022
  • IVE Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Sheffield University, 

I have been interested in engineering since I was a child. Taking applied learning course in electrical and energy engineering in secondary school made me determined to develop my professional in energy-related field. After graduating from secondary school, I enrolled in IVE Higher Diploma in Electrical Engineering. IVE provided me lots of opportunities to widen my horizon . For example, I participated in the VTC solar car Sophie team, I am responsible for external relations duties; I also participated in the opening ceremony of the CLP Power Engineering Laboratory, which I could present my research project – smart meters, to the industry experts. These experiences have greatly improved my soft skills and deepen my knowledge of the industry. With the guidance and support from my teachers and classmates, I was able to participate in different competitions, which enriched my learning experience.


I am very grateful for the generous scholarship provided by VTC, allowing me to continue my studies in the professional field of electrical engineering, and even to study in the UK. I hope that I can work on smart grid and contribute to a green future upon my graduation.

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