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IVE Engineering Students Show Creativity in Innovative Design Competition 2020
Aug 2020

Jointly organised by Urban Renewal Authority, IVE Engineering and the Hong Kong Design Institute, this year 'Innovative Design Competition' was organised under the theme of 'Smart Living for Elderly'. Student were asked to combine their creativity with technology, thereby devising smart home solutions for elderly in old urban districts.


Given the COVID-19 pandemic, it is in utmost concern to maintain a clean environment and ensure domestic U-traps always contain sufficient water to help prevent spread of diseases. However, elderly or physically disable persons might not find it very easy to pour half a litre of water into each drain outlet every week. With this in mind, three students from Higher Diploma in Civil Engineering won their honour in this year's competition for their brilliant device 'U-trap Refill Automator'.


The device contained a sensor at the bottom to detect the water level of the U-trap. Whenever the water content goes below the required level, the water tank at the top of the device will automatically pour water into the trap to ensure that enough water is maintained. The team planned to enhance the design over the next three months for further field test.


Awards for IVE Engineering Students

Project Name


Programme of Study


U-trap Refill Automator

CHAN Leung Kwan

CHOW Wai Keung

TSANG Chung Chung


Higher Diploma in
Civil Engineering

  • Gold Award
  • Smartest Design Award
  • Best Model/Digital Presentation Award

Stairs Escalator

LEE Kam Sen

THAM Che Ngai

Higher Diploma in Architectural Studies

  • Bronze Award
  • Most Creative Design Award
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