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URA/IVE Innovative Design Competition 2019
Jul 2019

IVE Engineering students and Hong Kong Design Institute students were invited to submit a creative design proposal on the topic of「自己社區智+創」for the Innovative Design Competition organised by the Urban Renewal Authority. Students were asked to integrate the unique characteristics of the community with smart technology and balance development and revitalisation between these two elements. This year, three students from the HD in Architectural Studies won the Gold Award and the prize for the most Functionality in the Community. The project named 「別有洞天」used a waterfall as screening to create a communal space in the Central Market. In addition, the waterfall acted as a projector screen to display information about their surroundings. The communal space became a wonderland for citizens enjoying the relaxing environment and was a treasure for users escaping from their busy lives. Students implemented their knowledge and skills in the competition and gained much from this valuable experience.



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