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2013/14 Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation Student Project Competition
Oct 2014

The department of Electrical Engineering, IVE (Haking Wong) emerged the biggest winner in this year’s Chiang Chen Industrial Charity Foundation Student Project Competition, taking home the champion, the first runner-up and the second runner-up prizes home.

Chung Tak-ying, the champion of the competition, introduced a new method to control a novel switched reluctance motor in his project. Mr. Chung’s goal was to build a constant-current power converter that can provide a fast and accurate transient response while effectively reducing the production cost and enhancing its energy regenerating performance.

“Stand by Me”, a beeping device to locate missing belongings developed by IVE students Chan Tsz-wai and Chan Tsz-him, took home the first runner-up prize. User can use their smartphones to activate the device. Once the wireless communication between the device and smartphone is terminated, a sound will be emitted, allowing users to retrieve their belonging.

The second runner-up prize went to Lee Kwan-ching, who studied the performance of hybrid battery and related system of rubber tyred gantry crane. Through a series of tests, Mr. Lee was able to make recommendations on ways to enhance the efficiency and reliability of different hybrid battery systems.

Award Awardees Project Title
Champion Chung Tak-ying Modelling and Analysis of a Novel Switched Reluctance Motor
First runner-up Chan Tsz-wai, Chan Tsz-him Development of "Stand by Me" Lost Property Reminding Device
Second runner-up Lee Kwan-ching Performance Study on Hybrid Battery and Related System on Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane
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