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Innovating for the Future with “Smart Emergency Corridor Monitoring System”
Apr 2021

It is not unusual to hear news that the misplacement of sundries blocking an emergency exit has caused deaths and injuries in a fire hazard, especially in old residential buildings in Hong Kong. Developed by students of HD in Computer and Electronic Engineering, the Smart Emergency Corridor Monitoring System (SECMS) detects sundries along a corridor or staircase based on image processing and object recognition. To achieve this, the SECMS differentiates objects by using AI computer vision. Two object-detection algorithms were used, yolov4 (You Only Look Once) and FRCNN (Faster Region-Based Convolutional Neural Network). The system can send automatic alarm signals to notify property managers for on-spot clearance rather than routine checking, saving time and the cost of manpower.


This idea demonstrated the innovative power of IVE Engineering students working together in a smart community. The students were awarded the Certificate of Merit (Tertiary School Stream) in the “Innovation & Technology Competition – Innovate for Future 2020” organised by the Hong Kong Electronics & Technologies Association.

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