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International STEM Students’ Forum 2020
May 2020

Underpinning the theme, ‘Innovation in STEM’, the third International STEM Students’ Forum (ISSF) was successfully held in digital format on 16 May 2020—a true demonstration of leveraging STEM power to fight against the challenges brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. In times of social distancing, the ISSF2020 has successfully connected brilliant STEM minds from around the world and garnered over 6,000 online views.


Local STEM industry leaders from the Airport Authority Hong Kong, CLP Power Hong Kong Limited, Gammon Construction Limited, NWS Holdings Limited, Siemens Limited and STEM start-ups were invited to share their insights and experience on topics related to emerging STEM careers, skill shifts in the future workplace, as well as challenges and opportunities for STEM start-ups. STEM graduates from different regions including Finland, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom exchanged the personal stories of their STEM education and career journeys. VTC STEM students and their fellow partners from Australia, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom also shared the learning outcomes of their collaborative applied research projects during the forum.

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