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SOPHIE racing at Formula E Racetrack
Dec 2017

Internationally recognised for their contribution to green power, the SOPHIE Team was invited to showcase the power of SOPHIE VI through two sessions of on-track demonstrations at the Formula E Hong Kong E-Prix in Central Harbourfront on 2 & 3 December which marked a new page in their history. VTC Chairman Dr Clement CHEN and Commissioner for Tourism Ms Cathy CHU participated in the demonstrations as passengers, and over 400 VTC students and staff witnessed the event at the grandstand. Through the broadcast of this event both at local and international levels, the SOPHIE Team has demonstrated how VPET can nurture talented youths and helped Hong Kong to burnish its reputation as an innovation and technology hub.

Besides, exhibitions of the SOPHIE solar cars were arranged at the E-Village and the paddock area.  These exhibitions not only helped to promote VPET and the concept of green transportation to the public but also facilitated our students to exchange their experience and learnt from the top tier car racing professionals at the event. The Engineering Discipline will continue to empower young people with engineering skills and inspire the public to live green.

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