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Virtual InnoCarnival 2020
Dec 2020

The InnoCarnival is an annual event organised by the Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC) of the HKSAR Government. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the InnoCarnival was conducted in the digital sphere this year. Dubbed the “Virtual InnoCarnival (VC) 2020”, the event was held in December 2020 and featured various activities under the theme “Collaborate.Innovate.Beyond Imagination”, including online exhibitions, workshops and webinars for participants to gain fun-filled experiences that brought innovation and technology into their daily lives.


Coordinated by the Engineering Discipline and supported by the Health and Life Sciences Discipline, the Information Technology Discipline and the STEM Education Centre, a total of ten innovative projects, three workshops and four webinars from the VTC were arranged for the public, attracting more than 1,000 participants.


Customers can order a cup of coffee from a mobile application, including their choice of latte art. When an order is received through the app, STEMbot powers its programmed robotic arm to complete the whole latte-making process using the coffee machine. An AI vision system tracks the cup position and checks the accuracy of the latte art. STEMbot demonstrates various emerging technologies during the latte-making process, including Robotic control and programming, artificial intelligence and image recognition technology, and mobile application development technology.


The LoRa controller, installed in the lighting fixture, connects the power and battery circuit, disconnects the mains power and discharges the battery for a preset duration at scheduled testing times. The measurements of battery current and voltage during discharge are automatically recorded and analysed by the LoRa controller. The condition of every individual battery-powered light and the battery reliability status can thus be assessed on a real-time basis.


The Embedded City Box (ECB) system, sponsored by Siemens, is a network of boxes equipped with a wide range of environmental sensors. ECBs can collect a range of real-time data on environmental conditions including temperature, humidity, noise and air pressure.


Patients suffering from memory loss can encounter many hazards in the household. They might leave home appliances switched on or unattended, including stoves, heaters, water taps and othe devices that pose substantial risks of fire or flood. The project aims to develop a home assistive system using Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor technology to help reduce the risk of accidents at home and protect patients in their residences.

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