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BIM Education shines in IVE
May 2012

Today, visual aids are used widely both in education and the workplaces of various industries. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an ideal tool for the construction industry because it allows visualisation of several sets of complicated architectural drawings. Building Information Modelling Education in the Department of Construction, IVE, was awarded the Silver Award by Hong Kong ICT Awards 2012—Best Professional Development in the ‘Other Professionals’ category. Credit for this result should go to the Department of Construction which includes three campuses in Tsing Yi, Morrison Hill and TuenMun which worked extremely hard in close collaboration.

Tak-cheung LO, Senior Lecturer, Department of Construction at IVE(Morrison Hill) , a member of the BIM project team said, “Although BIM is new, it can simply be considered an advanced version of 3D computer drawing. We initially introduced it in our curriculum in academic year2006/2007 and had the first batch of students equipped with BIM knowledge graduated in 2009.” This 3D drawing software is a combination of modelling and information management which can help save a lot of time and cost, provide easier storing and sharing of information, help make better judgements and minimise mistakes. Ir Dr Jackson LAU, Head of Department of Construction at IVE(TuenMun) explained, “We had input a lot of manpower and resources in both software and hardware before we decided to focus on BIM in our curriculum. This way we can be sure our students will learn what they are required to know in real workplace.” This competition was a good opportunity for verification of these pioneering efforts and three computer studios in IVE now feature BIM software. From September 2012, BIM modules will be included in all related Higher Diploma programmes in construction areas.

Challenging task

Another member of the BIM project team, Christy WONG, Lecturer, Department of Construction at IVE(TuenMun), pointed out, “During the assessment stage of the award, we were required to explain and prove how we apply BIM to our Higher Diploma programmes and how its application can benefit our students.” Actually, BIM is more than just computer software—it is a building process because each step can be fully visualised from original concept, design, alteration, monitoring of procedures and interior design. Most importantly it can highlight potential issues before they come into effect.

Students prove their talents

All the members of the BIM project team are very proud of their students’ school projects as well as their employment potential upon graduation. Last year, eight students from Year 3 of the Higher Diploma of Architectural Design and Technology at IVE(TuenMun), finished a virtual project for charity which was sponsored by Bo Ai Foundation Limited. They applied their knowledge and used BIM for the extension to Bo Ai School, located in Taiyuan, China. During different projects, students are not just able to develop their BIM skills but to learn analysis, problem solving and communication skills essential to their future careers.


Daniel SHUM, Lecturer, Department of Construction at IVE(Morrison Hill), added, “BIM has been extensively used in developed countries because of its advantages. For example, BIM is a necessary skill for all graduates of related degree programmes in Australia so they can fulfil the needs of the work- place.” Hong Kong Housing Authority also announced a full implementation of BIM in all its projects by fiscal year 2014/2015. BIM will certainly become a necessary requirement for future learning and the demand for BIM practitioners will be enormous.

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