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STEMBot Coffee
Dec 2020

Project Video

A collaboration between IVE Engineering and the VTC STEM Education Centre, the STEMbot project demonstrates the latest developments in robot mechanics with the adoption of AI systems.

Customers can order a cup of coffee from a mobile application, including their choice of latte art. When an order is received from the app, STEMbot powers its programmed robotic arm to complete the whole latte making process with the coffee machine. An AI vision system tracks the cup position and checks the accuracy of the latte art.

STEMbot demonstrates various emerging technologies during the latte making process, including:

1. Robotic control and programming
2. Artificial intelligence and image recognition technology 
3. Mobile application development technology

STEMbot is one of the innovative teaching facilities of IVE Engineering, aiming to enrich the learning experience of engineering students in the Higher Diploma in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.


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