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Opportunities abound in aviation industry Training programme launched to address manpower need
Dec 2017

Within a five-hour flight from half the world’s population, Hong Kong has emerged as one of the best global aviation hubs, creating a huge range of career opportunities for graduates in aviation. The addition of the third runway at Hong Kong International Airport will necessitate a huge demand for skilled talent in the areas of air transportation, ground operations, logistics, airlines and airport operation, maintenance and repair. Job vacancies in aviation-related careers are expected to increase from 65,000 to 160,000 by Year 2030. Graduates, who equip themselves with the right skills, will have access to a wide range of employment opportunities including those as operation engineers, logistics engineers, planning officers, technical officers, fleet controllers and cadet pilots.

To response to the manpower needs, IVE Engineering has launched a new Higher Diploma Programme in Aviation, aiming to provide an excellent grounding in all aspects of aviation to equip young talent with the skills required for careers in the sector.  The curriculum ties in with the expansion of Hong Kong International Airport and the trend of “Smart Airport”, modules on robotics and automation are included to help better prepare graduates to grasp opportunities in this new era. Against this backdrop, a pioneering Simulated Airport Operations Centre was established to give students a thorough understanding of all airport operations, featuring a flight simulator, airport emergency room and an airport operations control room, students are presented with real-time scenarios, so they get realistic practice in key technical aspects of aviation.

The course also provides students with the opportunity to articulate to a Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation) from the RMIT University Australia. This option includes elective modules on flying theory and flight training in Australia. Graduates who are interested to be a pilot could further their studies in flying schools upon graduation.

IVE Engineering will continue to work closely with industry to provide timely training programmes, helping young people to take off their career in aviation.

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