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The Smart Elderly Watching U Monitoring System
Dec 2020

Project Video

Jointly developed by IVE Engineering  and an Internet of Things (IoT) related business startup, this project was designed to help family members take care of the elderly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when social distancing limits social contact in the community. This system is much more flexible than similar products recently made available on the market in terms of collecting and analysing data from different sensors.

IoT, big data and sensor technologies were applied to improve the monitoring of the health of older adults. Featuring a smartwatch, smart glass and monitoring application, the Watching U system can perform various functions, such as position tracking, heart rate monitoring and motion detection. The device can notify concerned parties through a mobile application when health data or distance from home are outside a preset range of values. Using a smart glass, caregivers can also relay live video and data to a family doctor or family member for immediate medical assistance.

The project intends to bring these kinds of IoT technologies to healthcare services and explore other possibilities for affordable distant therapeutic solutions that could be provided to older adults. The Watching U monitoring system is an industry collaborative prototype planned for market launch in the near future. The Watching U system 2.0, with further enhancements, is currently being tested and fine-tuned.


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