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AI-Based Smart Crossroad System
Jun 2021

“AI-Based Smart Crossroad System” is a multidisciplinary project developed by IVE students of the Higher Diploma (HD) in Civil Engineering and the HD in Computer and Electronic Engineering. Riding on its innovation and functionality, this project won the first runner-up in the sub-degree section of the 2020 Young Professionals Exhibition and Competition 2020 organised by the IET Hong Kong.

The project deploys artificial intelligence (AI) and IoT technologies to help build a smart community. With the use of AI techniques such as deep learning, the device can analyse the traffic conditions of a designated area, including the length of traffic queues and the number of pedestrians waiting at a crossroad. Our system can then manage traffic lights to facilitate efficient traffic flow between vehicles and pedestrians. In addition, the IoT technologies enable the system to collect traffic information for big data analysis and facilitate efficient traffic management. In the implementation stage of the project, the students conducted a field study of a crossroad with a school, bus stops and shopping malls in the vicinity and collected relevant data for further analysis. The results showed that the system could help to shorten traffic queues and pedestrian waiting time at the crossroad.

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