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IVE Engineering Inspires Future Robotics Engineers
May 2021

Jointly organised by the Department of Engineering, IVE (Lee Wai Lee) and Union Holding Limited, a leading local supplier of educational robots, the New Millennium Robotics Challenge Cup 2021 kicked off on 7 May 2021. Nine teams consisting of approximately 30 students from IVE (Lee Wai Lee) and IVE (Chai Wan) participated in the competition. Students of the Higher Diploma (HD) in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics and Diploma of Foundation Studies (DFS) (Engineering) worked in teams to operate a simulated automated warehouse, where robotic cranes and autonomous vehicles were deployed to perform a range of tasks, such as loading, transporting and unloading heavy objects. The students needed to master codes to control the robotic cranes and autonomous vehicles to ensure their smooth operation and complete the required tasks accurately within a specified timeframe.


Through the competition, the students enhanced their knowledge of automation technologies and developed their teamwork, design thinking and problem-solving skills. Building on this success, IVE Engineering looks forward to expanding the competition to more IVE campuses and continuing to inspire young robotics engineers in the future.

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