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MOU Signing Ceremony for Earn & Learn in Testing & Certification
May 2015

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Association of Construction Material Laboratories (ACML) was signed on 9 May 2015, cementing the cooperation between the association and IVE Engineering on the Earn & Learn scheme, which is designed for students enrolled in IVE’s Higher Diploma Programme in Testing and Certification. Former Commissioner for Innovation and Technology Janet Wong Wing-chen, ACML’s Chairman Lee Wai-kwok and VTC’s Executive Director Carrie Yau were invited to be the guests of honour for this event.

Aiming to provide structured training for youngsters wishing to join the industry, the Testing & Certification Earn & Learn Scheme is jointly launched by the government, the testing and certification industry and the VTC. Participants will receive allowance during their training, a wonderful opportunity for students to gain practical experience with monetary allowance during their academic study.

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