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CAD-authorised Small Unmanned Aircraft Training launched by IVE Engineering
Jun 2021

Under the new Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Order issued in June 2021, a remote pilot conducting Advanced Operation shall hold an Advanced Rating assigned by CAD to ensure that the remote pilot possesses the necessary knowledge, experience and competence.  To provide a more diverse range of training courses that can cater for different needs of the industry and remote pilots, and further promote SUA development, CAD also launched the SUA Advanced Training Organisation Scheme in December 2021.


Against this backdrop, IVE Engineering In-service Training Office has launched the “Certificate in Small Unmanned Aircraft (Advanced Rating)” to provide specific training in this area.  The programme aims to equip remote pilots with safety information and operational knowledge; strengthen their understanding of the new regulatory requirements of SUA operations; and enhance their situational awareness and safety management skills through flight planning, risk assessment and mitigating measures to ensure aviation and public safety.


Upon completion of this 30-hour training programme and passing having satisfied relevant assessments criteria, learners can apply to CAD for the Advanced Rating certification.  With a subsidy from Vplus Engineering under the Vplus Subsidy Scheme, eligible learners may apply for up to 60% reimbursement of their tuition fees.

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