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STEM Summer Camp 2018 & Youth Chat with STEM Professionals
Jul 2018

Organised by the VTC STEM Education Centre and supported by the Engineering Discipline, the VTC STEM summer camp welcomed about 130 local secondary school students from over 50 schools between July and August. The camp featured theoretical courses, engaging hands-on workshops, practical and stimulating team activities, group competitions and social dining with STEM industry professionals. Students on the camp were able to learn basic concepts in Computer Programming, Science, Maths and Engineering by building their own autonomous model car and enhance their understanding of the growth and importance of the STEM industries throughout the programme.

With the support of the STEM Industry Partner Collaboration Scheme, students were provided with unique opportunities to explore STEM-related industries on the programme—and all the while having fun! On 19 July, Dr Roy CHUNG, VTC Chairman and seven industry representatives hosted a STEM industry sharing session, ‘Youth Chat with STEM Professionals’, to share insights from the minds of engineers and afford students a better understanding of STEM industries in a relaxed environment.

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