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Education & Careers Expo 2021
Jul 2021

The awardees of the WorldSkills Competition, Mr Leung Wai Kit, Mr Lai Shuen Chau, Mr Yeung Hon Lung, Mr Kong Chun Yat and Mr Au Yeung Ka Ming, were invited to share their personal insights in a seminar session on the theme of “Skills” at the Education & Careers Expo 2021. In addition to the sharing about the eye-opening experiences they had gained through the WorldSkills Competition, they discussed how their vocational study at IVE Engineering had shaped their professional development. Additionally, IVE Engineering showcased two innovative projects at the Expo, namely an IoT solution entitled “U-trap Refill Automator” and a virtual reality training package for maritime practitioners entitled “Personal Survival Techniques”, to help the public understand the role of engineers in improving our daily lives.


The outstanding achievements of these IVE Engineering students demonstrate the success of Vocational and Professional Education and Training (VPET) in nurturing young talents.

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