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URA encourages young people to use innovative ideas to enhance living quality of elderly in old districts
May 2018

To encourage tertiary students to apply their knowledge and skills, the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE) of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) joined hands to co-organise the “URA/IVE Innovative Design Competition 2018” which provided an opportunity for young people to improve the living quality of elderly in old districts through creative designs. 

The final adjudication cum award presentation ceremony of the competition was held on 2 May 2018 (Wednesday), where Non-Executive Director of the URA Board, Professor Eddie Hui Chi-man; Deputy Executive Director of the VTC, Ir Dr Eric Liu Sai-lok; and Managing Director of the URA, Ir Wai Chi-sing, assessed the submissions and presented the awards to the winning teams.

In Hong Kong, many elderly people live in a crowded living environment in old districts where air ventilation is poor or in buildings that are without elevator.  With the theme of “innovative ideas for old districts”, the competition aimed at encouraging tertiary students to gain first-hand understanding of the living environment of the elderly in old districts.  It also encourages them to make use of their knowledge acquired in schools and their creativity to come up with a design concept or tool that can help enhance the daily lives of elderly.  Launched in December last year, the competition invited higher diploma students from the engineering programme of IVE and the architectural design programme of Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI) to participate.  With an aim to deepen participating students’ understanding of the problems encountered by elderly people in old districts, the URA has arranged for them guided tours to old districts.  Participating students also visited the URA’s Urban Renewal Exploration Centre to learn about the issues of urban renewal from different perspectives.

Speaking at the ceremony, Professor Eddie Hui, who was one of the adjudicators, said: “Every entry is a creation that has combined the creativity, technique and care of the students for the community.  The entries of the 10 finalists, in particular, are very distinctive and outstanding in terms of their design concepts, structures, practicability and creativity.  The URA will continue to organise a wide range of activities which will serve as a cooperation platform connecting the URA, tertiary institutions and the community to promote the awareness of young people towards the community with an aim to serve residents of old districts together.”

Deputy Executive Director of the VTC, Ir Dr Eric Liu Sai-lok, said, “Not only did the students apply their professional knowledge acquired from their disciplines to transform their design concepts into entities, they also have the opportunity to learn first-hand the living conditions of elderly people in old districts. It is through understanding the needs of users and the community that the students can enhance their designs which will benefit the elderly users.”

Year 2 students of the Architectural Studies of IVE, Fong Ching, Wong Man-chi and Chung Kin-ho were awarded the “Excellence Award” and “Most Innovative Award”.  Noting that there was a lack of space in old districts for elderly to stretch and relax, they designed a dome-like outdoor facility which could be placed on the rooftop of old buildings with an aim to enhance the living quality of elderly.  Student Fong Ching, said on behalf of the team after receiving the award, “The competition recognises the innovation ideas of young people.  We’ve learned a great deal about the needs of elderly from our visits to old districts.  We then come up with a creative design that aims to enhance the living environment in old districts, which also allows us to express our care to the community.”


Results of URA/IVE Innovative Design Competition 2018


Winning teams 

Excellence Award

Fong Ching

Wong Man-chi

Chung Kin-ho

(Higher Diploma in Architectural Studies)

Most Innovative Award
Most Practical Award

Shiu Chung-hang

Ho Tsz-fung

Chan Chi-yung

(Higher Diploma in Architectural Studies)

All in One Residential
Most Eco-friendly Award

Chung Ka-ho

Chan Lung

(Higher Diploma in Surveying)

The Next Paradise ”T.N.P”
Best Model Award

Wong Man-lung

(Higher Diploma in Building Technology with Interior Design)

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