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InnoCarnival 2015 – Showcasing technology to improve human life
Nov 2015

Underscoring the theme “InnoTech– Key to a Boundless Future” of InnoCarnival 2015, IVE Engineering showcased a Smart Robotic Companion for the Elderly during the event from 31 October to 8 November. The little robot consisted of two main parts, a bio-medical sensor system and a wireless kinematic motion sensor system, is a healthcare monitoring device which could help monitoring the elderly’s vital signs as well as tracking their movements and detecting falls. The device is able to record the frequency and range of hand tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease, and generate a report to assist doctor diagnosis.

The Cantonese-speaking robot, equipped with a camera, microphone and a set of sensors, is also a friend to the elderly. Cantonese commands can be used to instruct the robot to provide a range of services including morning call, weather alert, date and time calendar, medication reminder, news report, safety monitor and message notification. The little buddy could also perform as a helping hand to pick up small objects. While the robot’s adorable appearance attracted children, its function certainly impressed the adults and the elderly during the nine-day event.

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