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First Part-time Diploma Course by CLP Power Academy and VTC Opens Gateway to Power Industry Careers for Young People
Jul 2018

The CLP Power Academy run by CLP Power Hong Kong Limited (CLP Power) on 6 July 2018 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Vocational Training Council (VTC) to launch a new Part-time Power Engineering Diploma programme, aimed at providing upward mobility opportunity for young working people who want to pursue careers in the power industry.

CLP Power Academy Vice Chancellor Mr Paul Poon and VTC Deputy Executive Director Dr Eric Liu signed the Memorandum of Understanding in the latest partnership between the two parties to nurture talent for power industry and contribute to a sustainable future for Hong Kong.   

The signing ceremony at the CLP Power Academy was witnessed by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Mr Alfred Sit, CLP Power Vice Chairman Mrs Betty Yuen, CLP Power Managing Director Mr TK Chiang, VTC Chairman Dr Roy Chung, and VTC Executive Director Mrs Carrie Yau. 

Mrs Betty Yuen said the power industry was facing challenges in ensuring a reliable power supply as extreme weather became more frequent with climate change. CLP Power depended upon a team of highly skilled engineering professionals to maintain reliable supplies and uphold its commitments to safeguard the environment. 

Hong Kong needed new engineering talent to support major ongoing infrastructure projects and the Greater Bay Area and the Belt and Road initiatives, Mrs Yuen said. The CLP Power Academy was launched last year and works in partnership with tertiary institutions to organise professional programmes to nurture engineering talent for Hong Kong’s future. 

“The Academy and VTC were encouraged by the positive response to the Professional Diploma in Power Engineering programme last year,” Mrs Yuen said. “We have now taken this further step of creating a part-time, entry level diploma programme for young people who are interested in joining the power engineering industry but do not have the required academic qualifications. Graduates of the diploma programme will be able to pursue careers in the engineering profession by completing the bridging professional diploma programme.”  

VTC Chairman Dr Roy Chung said with many infrastructural projects underway in Hong Kong and development of the smart city, the demand for professional power engineering talent equipped with the requisite knowledge and skills is increasing. VTC and CLP Power has been longstanding partners sharing the same mission of promoting manpower training. He noted, “To attract more new entrants to the industry, VTC partners with CLP Power Academy again to roll out the Diploma in Power Engineering Programme. It is hoped that more young people aspiring to a career in the power engineering industry are able to pursue the programme, offered on a part-time mode, that primes them for entry to the power industry and continuing education.”   

The Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services Mr Alfred Sit said, “Hong Kong’s electrical and mechanical industry has seen strong demand for technical talent in recent years. We are therefore delighted to witness this partnership between the industry and the education sector to nurture more talent to support the continuing development of the industry.” 

The new part-time diploma programme* includes classroom lectures and practical training in specialised fields, including electronics engineering, electrical installation, electrical control, and high-voltage equipment operation. Students will have the opportunity to get hands-on experience of power equipment at the CLP Power Academy and by visiting CLP Power’s facilities and work sites.  

The programme can be completed over a period of 24 months and is suitable for candidates who have completed Secondary Three or above and have at least one year’s working experience. Graduates will be awarded a Diploma in Power Engineering by VTC and the qualification of Competent Person by CLP Power. They can then enroll for Professional Diploma programme, and even further pursue for a Bachelor’s Degree and become an engineer after obtaining all the necessary academic qualifications. 

The diploma programme is currently undergoing an approval process by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD). Upon approval by EMSD, graduates of the new diploma programme who also fulfill the requirement for working experience can register as Grade A Registered Electrical Workers (REW).  

A total of 40 places will be offered for the diploma course and candidates can enroll from now until 2 August 2018.  Candidates with Secondary Three qualification have to take preparatory courses for the Certificate for Junior Electricians* staring September this year, while those with Secondary Six or above qualification are expected to start their studies in January 2019.   



*The programme is currently undergoing an approval process.

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