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VTC partners with Airport Authority Hong Kong and MTR Academy to train up local manpower in public transport engineering industries
Apr 2017

The Vocational Training Council (VTC) signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA) of Airport Authority Hong Kong (AA) and MTR Academy today (28 April) to develop, in concert, a number of aviation and railway engineering training programmes and to arrange for students to undertake attachment training, with a view to providing new blood for the local public transport industries.

The VTC has all along been committed to training up manpower for the local public transport industry, underlined by this collaboration with the HKIAA and the MTR Academy. VTC Executive Director Carrie YAU said, “The two MoUs signed today mark the beginning of our collaboration with both the HKIAA and the MTR Academy in grooming professionals for Hong Kong’s aviation and railway industry in a sustainable manner. The new partnerships will enable us to work more closely with two industry leaders to explore opportunities and activities relating to programme development, internship opportunities and exchange of expertise. ”

President of MTR Academy, Morris CHEUNG said, “The MTR has been in close collaboration for many years with the VTC to nurture young railway talents through our apprenticeship programme. Riding on that successful foundation, I am very pleased that the MTR Academy is now taking a step forward to launch new modules of railway engineering for the full-time Higher Diploma programmes to benefit more youngsters who aspire to join the railway industry.”

Signing an MoU with the VTC for the first time, the HKIAA nurtures human capital for the aviation industry. C K NG, Executive Director, Airport Operations of the AA said, “Our vision is to establish Hong Kong as a regional civil aviation training hub by providing both educational and professional programmes that are tailor made for our aviation industry. We are very appreciative that the VTC shares the same vision as we do – being fully committed to nurturing young talent and providing them with the best opportunities to a rewarding, long-term career path to become Hong Kong’s next generation of aviation professionals.”

The VTC and the MTR Academy will co-develop a number of training modules in the area of railway engineering for higher diploma students of the Engineering Discipline of the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education (IVE), a member institution of the VTC. Through experiencing the real working environment at the MTR, students will acquire the requisite knowledge and skills to enter the railway industry in the future. They will also learn and receive training at the MTR Academy, acquiring hands-on experience of the state-of-the-art training facilities of the Academy. Together the VTC and the MTR Academy will provide in-service training and continuing education opportunities for industry practitioners.

For manpower training for the aviation industry, the VTC will collaborate with the HKIAA to provide aviation-related training modules. Attachment training, visits to airport facilities and participation in airport drills will also be arranged for IVE students pursuing aviation-related programmes as well as equipping them for a career in the industry. The VTC and the Academy will jointly offer the part-time Professional Diploma in Aviation Operations and Management, providing in-service training for aviation personnel in furtherance of professionalism of the industry.

Meanwhile, IVE will roll out the Higher Diploma in Aviation in the academic year of 2017/18 for secondary six students to equip them with the professional knowledge and skills for career development in the aviation industry, including airport operations, aircraft systems, fundamentals of automation, ground handling and safety, airline operations, and cargos and logistics. The programme also provides elective modules teaching fundamentals of flying theory for students interested in becoming a pilot to pursue further flight training and studies with any government-approved provider or overseas flying school.

To promote training for the aviation industry, IVE (Tsing Yi) has established the new Simulated Airport Operations Centre, the training facility other than the Hong Kong International Airport simulating and integrating airport operations. The Centre will provide training for students of the IVE Higher Diploma in Aviation and the top-up degree programme of Bachelor of Applied Science (Aviation) offered by the School for Higher and Professional Education (SHAPE), another member institution of the VTC, in collaboration with the RMIT University, Australia. The Centre has in place an Airport Operations Control Room, Airport Emergency Room and Flight Simulator providing simulated airport training for students to enhance their understanding and familiarise them with practices of the aviation industry.

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